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We cache the workflow definitions for performance.
We are currently in limited Beta edition, once we evolve we will support more plans, and ability to upgrade.
We offer $1000 credit as a platform sign-in bonus to explore different features of SWEEP. You can try pre-canned workflows which will help you understand all aspects of running a workflow.
Once you log-in, under 'Account settings', you can avail the 'Change password' to change your password. If you have forgotten it, On the log-in screen, you will find a link were you can request a password change.


Syncing is still in early stages, but all the config of your workflows with the data is synced across two cloud providers.
At the moment, files can only be uploaded via a browser through your desktop or tablet or phone.
At the moment, we only support files avaliable via HTTP(s), we are working on supporting files behind a firewall.


Once you log-in, under 'Account settings', you can use the 'Edit profile' to change your password.
Please create a helpdesk ticket, and we will take care of it.
Once you log-in, under 'Account settings', you can use the 'Edit profile' to change your account settings.
Please use the forgot password link on the Login page.


SWEEP does not support private key currently, please stay stuned.
The files produced as part of workflows are stored on SWEEP's backend. Please create a ticket if you are missing the files.
Files uploaded and produced as part of workflows are kept separate using strict identity management policies.
SWEEP does not share any user profile information with anyone. User information is used to produce metrics that is provided on your dashboard.


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